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Then Medical school happened. A long winded experience that heavily imparted on his young mind. He however continued to write – publishing relatable and sometimes weird articles in the college journals and honing what was left of his talent. As is often the case, talent comes in droves. 

He has managed his very demanding job with masterful poise and trail blazed a handful of innovative ventures. From running a hugely successful on-site mini mart ‘St. Scobizz’ while a medical student to co-ordinating the sign up of nearly 80% of the student population on his cable TV network and seamlessly managing the expectations of his clientele.

He then proceeded to co-facilitate a patent medicine shop which hugely exposed him to the demands of corporate business. 

As a serial solution seeker, he vehemently applies his thought train to finding alternative ways of overcoming routine challenges. 

Dr. Oji is a General Practitioner in the UK and his recent work –  To err is Woman, highlights the not so told story of a step son in the hands of a devious mother. Laced with his trademark humour, the plot twists every page. 

As a husband and father, Obiora is blessed to partner his adorable wife – Chinwe and mentor two young sons – Brainee and Real.

His latest efforts on the entrepreneurial chain is his company CleanPay Limited. Registered and trading in the UK, it powers a mobile valeting App called TIME WASH. This offers a climate friendly, convenient and round the clock car washing option to the public. Visit www.timewash.co.uk for more details.

Watch the short video below to see how Time Wash works

"To earn potency, words must be spoken or written. If we do neither, we have done nothing."
- Obiora Oji
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