This time, I am at work. Listening to the ticking of the clock and waiting for the phone to interrupt.

I smile at the thoughts of my kids sleeping and the peaceful grunts my wife would certainly be exuding at right about now.

Ever wondered why the world is designed this way? I am awake at work fending for a family by waiting for a probably retired patient who may be aroused from sleep by a sudden pain.

Sure enough, the phone eventually rang. An 85 year old man has been rudely woken up from sleep by a sharp pain in the scrotum.

‘Scrotum?’, I asked him again.
What business does he have with scrotum.
A player never gets too old for his game!

I was sure it was not testicular torsion.
I summoned the wife to the phone. The old man had said his scrotum had been all wrapped up for God knows what?

What have these two been up to tonight?

What has been going on, I asked coyly.

What do you mean what has been going on? She asked me rather sternly.

What happened?

It takes two to tango. Age is still only a number


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