Review: To Err is Woman

Excerpt: To Err is Woman!

For another moment, Stephen’s eyes strayed to the clock at the tail of the kitchen. He has to stretch his ciliary muscles to make out precisely what time it read.

It was rather too obvious that the clock was as oddly placed as it was too small for the long hall that was his kitchen. 5:42pm.

Approximately fifty five minutes had slipped by since he set out on this voluntary task. He twitched his nostrils hoping to catch the faintest fragrance from his efforts: Nothing.

Just then, the ugly reminisces of his first ever experience as a cook crept into his mind. They always made him shudder and they resurged – even when he entered the kitchen to do something as trivial as fetching cutleries…

... the story continues!

Stephen was barely ten years old then and his mother has asked him to peel some potatoes for dinner while she rushed to attend to an emergency summon at the village market square – Ekiano.

It was late Friday evening and with a little common sense, he knew it was going to be fried potatoes and maybe akamu  for dinner.

There was no akamu in the house but he reasoned that the Mum would eventually get it on her way back from Ekiano. 

Driven by passion to impress – a trait he hasn’t lost even till hither days – the little boy had proceeded to make the dinner all by himself.

Like tonight, his only intention was to pull off a pleasant surprise. But that was not to be. Stephen shuddered again…


Here are what readers are saying about the intriguing book, ‘to err is woman.’ Obiora’s unique style of writing appeals to a wide range of audience across continents. 

A very well written book. Great read to understand the life and culture in Nigeria. The murder and the intrigue kept me glued throughout the book.


Dr. R. Sinha

Reader of ‘To err is woman’.

Stephen Avri, the protagonist, whose life appears perfect on the surface, is heavily flawed and has sullen, anti-heroic, deep-seated issues to deal with. To err is woman is a story of love, loss, betrayal, family, a sense of belonging and that things are not always what they seem.

Dr. F. Akinsuki

Reader of ‘To err is woman’.

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